Art Week 2014 Malmö

Seeing the need for personalised frames to suit every face shape, Canadian-Chinese entrepreneur Doris Ngie built her brand AMAVII. AMAVII is an independent, contemporary designer eyewear label specialising in Aerospace Titanium, the lightest and strongest material for eyewear frames in 3 comfortable size fits. With every pair sold a tree gets planted.AMAVII’s designs have been sported by just about every A-list celebrity on the planet—from Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez to Khloe Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, it’s fair to say that the label has cemented itself as a bonafide leader in the fashion accessory market.


Beyond the fresh, effortlessly sleek designs, perhaps the brand’s greatest feat has been Ngie’s ability to embed AMAVII so seamlessly into the space of ethical, conscious, and eco-driven consumerism through durable, long-lasting eyewear products.AMAVII’s staple frames are made of Aerospace Titanium, which is a 100% recyclable eco-metal that’s free from deterioration or rust. The sunglasses also feature hinge components which limit waste through unbreakable strength, and iron plating that acts as a more sustainable alternative to electroplating and avoids generating excess chemical waste. For packaging purposes, AMAVII relies on recyclable materials to ship their iconic frames worldwide, and all of the brand’s sunglass cases are made from premium vegan leather.