Automate Your Business

Innovative Technologies


Using Apps and Chatbots we can automate your business processes online. Keeping up with new developments in technology is now becoming a mammoth task. Chatbots have arrived and are set to be a key feature of business development over the next 12 months.


Having a chatbot in your sales team can improve your customer service reputation and drive more sales. ¬†They are replacing live chat and other forms of “slower” contact methods such as emails and phone calls. Using word recognition you can teach your chatbot to provide an immediate customer service presence that offers concise answers to some of the most common questions raised by your customers. Chatbots make the frustration of navigating phone menus and waiting for a reply to an email a distant memory. As marketing technology evolves, Social Web Strategy is helping to bring digital automation to businesses.

We create Chatbots & Apps to automate your technology processes.